Does Illegal Dumping Impact Your Property?

Illegal Dumping

At first glance, illegal dumping may seem more like a nuisance than a security risk. However, anyone who has had to deal with the experience of finding someone else’s refuse on their commercial property knows that illegal trash dumping can result in serious losses. Reasons for Illegal Dumping Cost and convenience are probably the biggest…

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Preventing Car Break-Ins for Apartment Complex Lots

Maintaining a secure environment in an apartment complex is a round-the-clock job. One of the most vulnerable areas in a large rental property is the parking lot or garage, where large numbers of vehicles remain parked and unoccupied all night long. Thieves often see a lot full of unattended cars as an opportunity to steal…

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Apartments Need Live Remote Video Surveillance

All apartment complexes have the same mission for their tenants, exceptional customer service, convenient resident programs, dedication to the community, and a worry-free living experience that is safe and secure. What is today’s biggest issues in apartment security? According to researcher and property owners, theft, vandalism, unwanted access and illegal dumping are the main reasons…

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