Does Illegal Dumping Impact Your Property?

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Does Illegal Dumping Impact Your Property?

Illegal Dumping

At first glance, illegal dumping may seem more like a nuisance than a security risk. However, anyone who has had to deal with the experience of finding someone else’s refuse on their commercial property knows that illegal trash dumping can result in serious losses.

Reasons for Illegal Dumping

Cost and convenience are probably the biggest reasons for this activity.

Businesses usually have to pay for trash pickup and removal. Discarding unwanted junk in an unlit or isolated location probably may seem like a good way to save money. Unfortunately, the cost is passed on to the unlucky property owner who has to pay for removal.

Junk such as old appliances or other large items may be dropped on your site because it’s more convenient than traveling to a more appropriate location.

While it’s never good to find that your property has been used as a dumping ground, the mess that gets left behind is often more unsightly than dangerous.

However, some types of trash are considered hazardous and require proper disposal techniques. These techniques are costly and may carry some legal liability. Leaving refuse on your property helps the dumper avoid taking responsibility for disposing of dangerous substances properly.

How Illegal Dumping Can Damage Your Business

The damage to your business can come in a variety of forms. Sometimes the financial cost is obvious, but some other costs may not become clear for some time.

Cost: Regardless of what waste is left on your property, you’ll have to pay for the cleanup. If you have a staff that can handle this task, it will take them away from other important work. Otherwise, you’ll probably have to hire someone. Even if you already have a contractor, they may charge more for the additional labor.

Liability: Illegally dumped refuse could present health-related risks to your workers, clients or tenants. You have enough to do without having to worry about this additional risk.

Image: The way visitors, customers and tenants perceive you could change dramatically if your property looks like a dump site. Through no fault of yours, a single photo on television or social media could damage your image in the eyes of the general public.

An eye-opening example of public attention being brought to apartment complex where tenants complained about trash on the property. The story along with video footage showing the unsightly litter made it to the local TV news show.

The property owner did get the opportunity to address the issue and he described the difficulty in trying to manage the problem. Despite cleanup efforts, the video shows that the problem of abandoned trash continues to be an issue for that owner.

How Do You Prevent Illegal Dumping?

Preventing others from dropping their trash onto your property can be difficult. If your property is in a remote or very dark area, it may be an attractive location for this type of activity.

Fences and walls can be of some help, but the area outside the barrier could still become an unsightly dumping ground.

Encouraging tenants and employees to pay attention to unusual activity can also help. It benefits those who are on-site to remain alert to potential problems, and they can alert you to trouble before it goes too far.

Lighting the property at night can give some protection and may force would-be intruders to look for another location to leave their junk. Live security guards are another option, but this can be very costly. In addition to the expense of hiring trained personnel, there is a liability risk in case a guard gets hurt on the job.

The security solution that you choose has to be cost-effective while providing results you can rely on.

Our Solution

At NVMC Solutions, we specialize in providing security with live remote video monitoring. We install video equipment at your site, and our skilled, trained agents monitor your property when you’re not there.

By combining the expertise of our agents with the best in video surveillance technology, we’re able to deliver exceptional security services.

Often, the mere sight of video cameras and signs warning of live monitoring can deter illegal activities. If a problem occurs in spite of these visual warnings, our staff takes quick action to notify authorities.

We’re so effective at this form of security that police often arrive before intruders have a chance to leave the premises.

Why NVMC Solutions?

We’re committed to the art of providing proactive security services. As one of the oldest companies providing live remote monitoring, we’ve developed a system that provides outstanding protection for your commercial property.

We’re cheaper than in-person security. Our methods make our service 75% less costly than hiring on-site security guards.

We’re faster than competitors. We can provide a response that’s ten times faster than other companies.

We’re available when you need us. Our highly skilled team provides 24/7 monitoring so you can have round-the-clock assurance that protective eyes are watching.

We help reduce insurance costs. Many insurance companies will charge lower premiums because you’re keeping your property secure. Tell your insurance agent that your property is protected by NVMC Solutions.

NVMC Solutions has broad experience in maintaining a secure commercial environment for many companies in many locations. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

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