The Holidays & Offsite Video Security Monitoring

Security Camera

  The holidays provide many people an opportunity to travel and spend extra time with family and friends. Unfortunately, the holidays also provide thieves with extra opportunities. Places that are ordinarily occupied are now empty, and criminals know it. With 24/7 offsite security camera monitoring, EyeQ Monitoring becomes your eyes and ears when you are…

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Stopping Crime Before It Starts

Stopping Crime Before it Starts

A suspicious male was caught on camera attempting to steal pallets from the back of a shopping center after hours by a Live Video Monitoring Agent. The Live Monitoring Agent used our live Talk-Down service to deter the suspicious male before it could lead to theft or possible property damage. If you would like more…

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Police Need Verification to Respond to Alarms

  The volume of criminal acts puts pressure on all of us, from average citizens to business owners to law enforcement and criminal justice officials. Responding to legitimate emergency calls demands a great deal of law enforcement resources. Unfortunately, many times police and sheriff departments also have to respond to false alarm calls that are…

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Thieves Mine Catalytic Converters

Catalytic converters theft is on the rise. It may sound strange that a piece of the exhaust system is so highly prized. So why would anyone go to the trouble of crawling under a vehicle with tools to remove it? The answer is palladium. It’s a durable, corrosion-resistant metal. Because it reacts with carbon monoxide,…

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