Vehicle Tracking
Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

The Auto Industry’s Best – And Simplest, Vehicle Tracking Solution

Stop Wasting Time Tracking Inventory & Service Vehicles

EyeQ’s Vehicle Tracking is a comprehensive, turn-key vehicle tracking solution for both inventory and service vehicles.

Using the latest RFID technology, Vehicle Tracking helps you avoid wasting time finding cars by pinpointing the exact location of vehicles in and around your store or zone — which is especially critical when time-starved customers are waiting for their vehicle to be delivered.

Integrating new tech can increase operation efficiency by 15%. EyeQ's seamless integration ensures you reap these benefits without the usual teething problems.

Track Vehicles Throughout the Day & After Hours for Enhanced Efficiency and Security.

EyeQ Vehicle Tracking is a simple, bulletproof solution to the problem of vehicle location. No expensive devices to constantly attach and remove from vehicles, no device batteries to change, and no vehicle battery drainage from our tracking technology.

Inventory Tracking
20% Reduced Wait Times
Set & Forget Tagging
Full DMS Integration

The "Breadcrumb Trail"

Zonal Tracking simplifies car finding using RFID tags and sensors that establish “zones” around your store. When a vehicle enters a new zone, EyeQ Vehicle Tracking can pinpoint the exact location, time and travel direction of a vehicle. 

Comprehensive Dealership Tracking


Unparalleled dealer lot management provides:

  • Instant visibility of vehicle location
  • Full integration with your DMS
  • One-click offsite lot management
  • Breadcrumb trails for detailed vehicle tracking


Our app places the power of tracking at your fingertips. Easily search for vehicles by:

  • VIN
  • Year, Make, Model
  • Stock Number
  • Condition
  • Location


Avoid the pitfalls of other car tracking systems:

  • One-time installation; no extensive infrastructure
  • No manual location updating
  • “Set & forget” vehicle tagging
  • RFID tags work for the lifetime of vehicles


Our proven RFID vehicle tracking technology works in just about any dealer environment:

  • Parking Decks
  • Remote lots
  • Outdoor and indoor locations
  • Service drives, tech bays, car washes, and more
In the automotive world, efficiency drives success. By optimizing the use and tracking of loaner vehicles, we ensure that no opportunity is missed, no car is unaccounted for, and every customer interaction is punctuated with precision. More than just vehicles, EyeQ Loaner Management is about maximizing the value of every moment on your lot.

Clayton Kemp, Chief Operating Officer
EyeQ Monitoring

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