Repair Order & Initiation

Repair Order & Initiation

Where Human Automation Meets Customer Service Excellence

Transforming The Dealership Experience:

From Poor Reviews to Raving Fans

Picture this scenario: a car dealership, known for its quality vehicles, finds itself buried under a pile of bad reviews. The culprit? Inaccurate and untimely repair order data entry by their customer service advisors.

This nightmare scenario leads to frustrated customers delays – and a tarnished reputation.

At EyeQ, we’ve made it our mission to rescue dealerships from this predicament. Our automated Repair Order Initiation services are designed to be the antidote to poor user experiences, elevating your dealership’s reputation and customer satisfaction to higher standards.

Studies have shown that a single positive online review can increase business by 5-9%. Avoid the pitfalls of negative reviews due to inaccurate repair order data entry with EyeQ's automation.

The Dealership's Dilemma: Poor Reviews and Frustrated Customers

  • Inaccurate Data Entry: The dealership’s manual data entry process led to frequent errors, from misspelled customer names to incorrect vehicle details.
  • Long Wait Times: Customer service advisors struggle to keep up, resulting in long wait times for check-in and service initiation.
  • Frustrated Customers: Customers grow increasingly frustrated with delays, incorrect information, and a lack of transparency regarding their vehicle’s status.
  • Negative Reviews: The dealership’s online reputation took a hit as bad reviews flooded in, impacting their bottom line and customer trust.

Say goodbye to outdated processes - hello to streamlined efficiency

  • Effortless Check-In: Our automated system streamlines the check-in process, allowing customers to initiate their repair orders with ease.
  • Accurate Information: Say goodbye to manual errors. Our system ensures every detail is correct, from customer names to vehicle specifications.
  • Real-Time Updates: Stay informed at every step. Our system sends instant notifications on your vehicle’s progress, giving customers peace of mind.
  • Parts Availability: We manage parts inventory in real-time, eliminating delays due to missing components.

Brighter Days At Your Dealership

Imagine a dealership where customers leave with smiles, reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and operational efficiency reigns supreme. EyeQ’s Repair Order Initiation services can turn that vision into reality.

Why Choose EyeQ’s Our Repair Order Solutions?


Industry Leadership

With a track record of excellence, we lead the way in automotive automation solutions tailored to the unique needs of your dealership.


Seamless Integration

Our solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing systems to ensure maximum efficiency and a hassle-free customer experience.


Real-Time Insights

Gain a competitive edge with real-time data analytics and performance metrics.

Being able to see minute-by-minute tracking of vehicle movements in real time enables us to provide faster and more accurate delivery time for our guests.

Geoff Meeker, General Manager
Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead

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