AI-Powered Remote Video Monitoring For Malls & Large Retail Outlets

EyeQ AI Delivers A Smarter, More Proactive Approach To Protecting Your Retail Property

For malls and large retail outlets, the reliance on traditional security guards severely limits their ability to proactively protect their assets. Among the many constraints limiting the effectiveness of human security guards include:

  • Lack of adequate training and proper response techniques
  • Inability to cover and protect large perimeter areas
  • Lack of video verification to ensure immediate response from local law enforcement
  • Basic human factors, including calling in sick, being injured on the job, and having efforts more easily bypassed by would-be criminals
  • Higher costs and potential liability risks

With EyeQ Virtual Guard, property managers enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that their customers, employees and  assets are being monitored 24/7 by trained professionals. 

Real-Time Threat Deterrence For A Fraction of the Cost

For large commercial retail properties, EyeQ live video monitoring protects your entire perimeter, including back alleys and parking lots – two places notorious for unwanted, and potentially dangerous late-night activity. And when incidents do occur, they are reported, documented and deterred in real time through instant response from local law enforcement who show up to the scene in seconds.

Shoplifting & Employee Theft

Shoplifting is America’s #1 property crime, according the experts at Price Gun. On average, there are 550 shoplifting incidents per day, with more than $13 billion being stolen from retailers each year. That’s more than $35 million per day!

What’s more, Price Gun reports that 75% of employee steal at least once, with more than half of those stealing again – at least twice.

With EyeQ’s 24/7 live remote video monitoring, your retail assets don’t just simply “walk off” your property. Under the watchful eye of our highly-trained specialists at national Security Operations Center (SOC), ANY action that triggers a real-time alert results in an immediate dispatch call to local law enforcement who show up to potentially make an arrest.

Property Damage & Vandalism

Most criminals think they’re smart – some are even brazen. 

With EyeQ’s military-grade AI and video analytics, ANY action that triggers a real-time alert – back-door break-ins, vandalism, loitering, illegal dumping, drug use, trespassing and more – results in an immediate dispatch call to local law enforcement who show up to potentially make an arrest.

High-Value Materials Theft

Like construction sites, commercial retail properties are prime targets for their high-value materials and equipment, especially copper wire and HVAC units. And damage to such sources as utility meters and transformers leaves you with thousands in replacement costs – not to mention furious tenants.

EyeQ’s “always on” security presence delivers the most technologically-advanced AI tools and cameras to stop crimes before they even happen. All of our security solutions perform in real-time, and all are customized to meet the specific needs of each customer. 

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