Industrial & Manufacturing

Industrial & Manufacturing

AI-Powered Video Surveillance For Unmatched On-Site Security.

Proactive Live Monitoring - Powered By AI

For many industrial sites and warehouses, the reliance on security guards actually limits their ability to proactively protect their assets. Among the many constraints limiting the effectiveness of human security guards include:

  • Lack of adequate training and proper response techniques
  • Inability to cover and protect large perimeter areas
  • Lack of video verification to ensure immediate response from local law enforcement
  • Basic human factors, including calling in sick, being injured on the job, and having efforts more easily bypassed by would-be criminals
  • Higher costs and potential liability risks

Real-Time Threat Deterrence For A Fraction of the Cost

EyeQ’s proactive approach to security deters crime before it happens with preventative alerts notifying the surveillance experts at our Security Operations Center (SOC). No one gets onsite without EyeQ validating their intent.

With EyeQ Virtual Guard, property managers enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that their property assets are being monitored 24/7 by highly-trained professionals. And when incidents do occur, they are reported, documented and deterred in real time through live audio voice down, plus EyeQ’s ability to instantly dispatch local law enforcement directly to the scene in seconds. 

EyeQ’s always-on monitoring means all eyes are watching – everywhere – to help detect and deter crime in real time for a fraction of the cost.

Theft & Property Damage

Supply chain inventory – the prime target for thieves, employees and all types of other unauthorized personnel. And the fact is, the traditional security guard model just doesn’t cut it today. What does, is EyeQ’s proactive live monitoring, powered by leading-edge military-grade AI technology and video analytics.

Criminals think they’re smart. But they’re not nearly as smart as the technology that can track and detect sound, motion, even thermal heat – plus clearly document every incident with high-quality IP megapixel video.  Under the watchful eye of our highly-trained SOC specialists, ANY action that triggers a real-time alert results in an immediate dispatch call to local law enforcement who show up to potentially make an arrest.

For industrial and manufacturing sites, EyeQ is changing the game for how security is managed on your property through an army of smart security cameras that are constantly watching, listening and now – thinking.

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