Construction & Supply Yard

Construction & Supply Yard

AI-Powered Remote Video Monitoring For Unmatched Construction Site Security

A More Proactive Approach For Protecting Your Valuable On-Site Assets

At any typical construction site, there’s literally millions of dollars on the line in term of time, tools and heavy equipment – with laydown yards being a prime target.  Unfortunately, traditional security guards just aren’t up to the tasks it takes to proactively monitor sites around the clock.

Among the many constraints limiting the effectiveness of human security guards include:

  • Lack of adequate training and proper response techniques
  • Inability to cover and protect large perimeter areas
  • Lack of video verification to ensure immediate response from local law enforcement
  • Basic human factors, including calling in sick, being injured on the job, and having efforts more easily bypassed by would-be criminals
  • Higher costs and potential liability risks

With EyeQ Virtual Guard, construction managers enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that their tools and heavy equipment are being monitored 24/7 by trained professionals. And when incidents do occur, they are reported, documented and deterred in real time – keeping you more secure for a fraction of the cost.

Theft and Property Damage

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, and National Equipment Register, the cost of construction site crime is between $300M to $1B annually, with less than 25% of stolen construction equipment ever being recovered.

Thieves often target construction sites for their copper (and other metals), lumber, small hand tools, power tools and heavy machinery. With 24/7 live video monitoring by EyeQ, these assets don’t just simply “walk off” your property, adding costly time and delays. Instead, all assets and perimeters are fully protected, and potential crimes thwarted, in real-time thanks the highly-trained professionals at our Security Operations Center (SOC).

Liability Protection

When it comes to construction, there’s a lot of liability issues to consider: heavy machinery, extreme weather, and tons (literally) of moving parts. Health and safety of works should be of prime importance, especially considering the lengthy investigations and workers comp claims that can cost companies millions.

EyeQ video monitoring not only delivers Always On protection, it provides real-time video verification of incidents to clearly document incidents and help mitigate and resolve liability issues.

Remote Rural Locations

Out of site, out of mind? No way. That fact that many rural sites can be difficult to secure means you need more flexibile and cost-efficient options, like EyeQ’s mobile security solutions. Only EyeQ can deliver the same AI-Powered protection, regardless of where your project is located.

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