Virtual Service Advisor

Virtual Service Advisor

Solutions to Track Vehicles, Improve Operations and Enhance Customer Experiences

The Automotive Industry's Most Trusted Solutions for Video Monitoring and Vehicle Management

Boost The Profit and Performance of Your Sales Department and Service Drive

Operating in over 300 dealerships across the US, our team of video surveillance and installation professionals works closely with our clients to provide solutions that meet their unique business needs for both service and sales departments.

Studies have shown that a single positive online review can increase business by 5-9%. Avoid the pitfalls of negative reviews due to inaccurate repair order data entry with EyeQ's automation.

Leverage the power human automation to help make your dealership the #1 option for buying and servicing in your area. 

Our Virtual Service Advisor deliver a convenient array of best-in-class, automated solutions to help increase efficiency, streamline communications, and optimize the kind of personalized guest experiences that keep customers coming back to your dealership.

Seamless Integrations

Orchestrate Exceptional Customer Experiences

Now more than ever, the ability to deliver highly personalized customer experiences is the key “tie-breaker” for building your long-term customer base.

Whether it’s returning customers in need of service, or potential new customers shopping for a vehicle, providing fast, more efficient processing and delivery is the key differentiator that sets your dealership apart from all the rest.  Our best-in-class automated solutions give your dealership all the key advantages for seamlessly orchestrating the type of friendly and convenient services your customers and guests will surely appreciate.

Being able to see minute-by-minute tracking of vehicle movements in real time enables us to provide faster and more accurate delivery time for our guests.

Geoff Meeker, General Manager
Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead

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