Video Management System (VMS)

Video Management System (VMS)

Consolidate Your Surveillance Tools Into One Smart Security Solution

An Essential Component of Today’s Modern Security Infrastructure

EyeQ’s Video Management System (VMS) empowers companies by automatically monitoring their surveillance cameras, alarms or sensors, while providing an at-a-glance view alerting security to any potential risks, threats and events.

As a must-have tool for many industries, especially retail, EyeQ VMS tracks customer behavior, long check-out lines, and dwell time to uncover valuable insights for improving customer experiences and maximizing the bottom line.

EyeQ VMS Advantages:

  • Flexibility & Ease of Use
  • Scalability
  • Cloud, Server or Edge-Based Storage
  • Camera Compatability Via ONVIF Standards
  • System & Device Integrations
  • Alert Customizations
  • User-Friendly Interfaces
  • Multi-site Locations

EyeQ VMS Functionality Includes:

Motion Detectors

Activate recordings only when motion is detected or specific rules are met.

Efficiently reduce data and IT infrastructure requirements.

Facilitate video data sharing across the organization.

Audio Recording

Choose from integrated audio recording or incorporate 2-way intercoms for enhanced communication.

Engage with integrated microphones or connect to external devices for versatile audio interactions.

I/O Devices

Localized alarm events can be triggered, such as gate openings and closures.

Specific events can initiate video recording or prompt a switch to a high-quality video display.

Stay informed with automatic notifications via email, phone call, or SMS.

Pan Tilt & Zoom

Remotely control and monitor cameras to oversee expansive areas.

Explore digital PTZ options that come with wide-angle lenses and high-definition cameras.

License Plate Recognition

Effortlessly identify and log details of vehicles as they enter and exit.

Track the time, location, and even trace vehicle movements across multiple sites over time.

How Does It Work?

VMS works by collecting video – both live and recorded – from across the surveillance network. It then stores that video to dedicated server, cloud or edge-based storage media for easy-to-use access for retrieving and viewing both recorded and live surveillance footage.

Reduce Costs of Maintaining Multiple Systems

By only collecting and storing the video that matters, EyeQ VMS helps drastically lower storage costs from video data stores on more expensive tiers of storage.

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