Time-Lapse Surveillance

Time-Lapse Surveillance

Watch Your Building Projects Come to Life

See Your Story Unfold Frame-By-Frame

There’s no better way to dramatically capture – and archive – the entire process of your latest construction project than by using EyeQ’s time-lapse surveillance video services to record images every few seconds, every minute, or every hour.

The result: a timeless and engaging presentation of your project rising out of its foundation to its full completion – the perfect way to showcase your capabilities in your sales and marketing presentations, as well as for posting on your digital channels, from your website to social media pages.

Added-Value: Remote Viewing of Success in Progress

For developers, being able to view on-site activity or review daily reports with key snapshots gives them invaluable insight and a real-time connection to various projects throughout the construction and development phases.


Time-lapse videos of the construction process help to attract tenants to a new building.


Marketing Materials

When marketing your development projects, its always eye-catching to have the time-lapse video of the construction project.


Project Management

Throughout construction, architectures teams will need regular progress reports, and time-lapse images illustrate the project’s progress to date.


Safety and Security

With video surveillance cameras on-site, incidents can be verified, whether it’s a planned visit by cleaning crews or other approved visitors, or a security breach or workplace accident.



WCCTV’s Time Lapse Video cameras and services are perfect for capturing progress at your construction or demolition job sites. Upon project completion we will provide you with a fully edited video to showcase your work at presentations, board meetings and events as well as on your websites and social media – helping you drive traffic and build PR. Throughout the duration of the project, you will have access to WCCTV’s time lapse video portal so you can view the latest images, create your own progress videos and even embed the video feed to your website.

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