Apartments Need Live Remote Video Surveillance

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Apartments Need Live Remote Video Surveillance

All apartment complexes have the same mission for their tenants, exceptional customer service, convenient resident programs, dedication to the community, and a worry-free living experience that is safe and secure.

What is today’s biggest issues in apartment security?

According to researcher and property owners, theft, vandalism, unwanted access and illegal dumping are the main reasons that justify security concerns. Property owners are required to develop a unique mindset that allows them to determine the right mix of deterrents, since no two buildings have identical problems.

Another important issue that must be taken into consideration is the high cost of on-site security guards. Security guards can’t be everywhere at once and in some cases, are a part of the problem. Given the nature of their jobs, guards are also put in potentially risky situations, leaving property owners responsible and liable for their well-being, this is costly and stressful.

System integration is also an important topic to considered. No property owner wants to invest in a security system only to discover that it can’t be interfaced with new technological advances even before the setup has been properly amortized.

What’s cost got to do with it?

Because security systems are viewed by owners, managers and tenants as “amenities”, using them as a selling point has not been lost on the public. In fact, consumers contacted by Wakefield Research at the behest of Comcast in 2017 were extremely vocal about opinions they expressed about video surveillance popularity. From the disappearance of delivered packages on doorsteps to the theft of items left outside an apartment or condo door, consumers crave reassurances that only video surveillance, properly positioned, can provide.

Liability issues are increasing exponentially, and nobody wants to be held responsible for injuries resulting from unmaintained conditions, but that’s exactly what can happen if a building’s security system isn’t functioning properly. Tenants who admit visitors who later commit crimes may still be subject to building management blow-back, but the right security system and properly placed cameras can mean the difference between a jury verdict favoring management and one that finds for a tenant.

Fortunately, there’s a more comprehensive and cost-efficient solution – remote live video monitoring from NVMC Solutions.

Your tenants need safety and security, which is why you should consider Live Video Monitoring.

With Live Remote Video Monitoring, the goal is to deter crime before it can result in property damage, burglary, physical attacks and more. This is a smart, safe alternative to traditional video security systems. The benefits are vast and using the right system will give you a valuable set of eyes and ears on your most important areas. NVMC Solutions not only install and maintain the latest video surveillance technology across the U.S., NVMC employ and train agents who then monitor those systems remotely after hours-responding to threat issues in real-time at a fraction of the cost of on-site guards.

Your decision makes all the difference

“Guards are expensive and can’t be everywhere but partnering with NVMC Solutions allows us to have eyes on our entire property affordably. Plus, the team at NVMC really go the extra mile to meet our needs. We have rolled this out on several properties and would highly recommend NVMC to other owners.”

-Director of Asset Management, Affordable Housing Owner

Property owners acknowledge the need to upgrade their security capability from an inadequate system to the latest video monitoring innovations. You can settle for a low bid or do what it takes to confront the most important security issues and challenges faced today by installing the best. NVMC Solutions is more than the place you turn to protect your tenants and your bottom line. It’s the resource you can depend upon to stay at the forefront of technology.

If you would like more information about our customized live video monitoring solutions to protect your apartment complex, please contact us.

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