Next Gen Video Cameras For The Most Advanced Surveillance System Available

Network Designs Custom-Built for Your Business

Building an advanced, modern surveillance system means going beyond a once-size-fits-all approach.

The tech experts at EyeQ take a more custom approach to deploy Network Video Recorders (NVR) and next-gen video cameras that are designed to run 24/7 without fail.

Surveillance for Even the Most Extreme Conditions

The business of remote surveillance relies on deploying reliable, advanced, smart technologies that can handle constant writing to hard drives, high memory utilization, and movement detection for analyzing every image across every camera. A system build by experts to handle the most extreme situations and keep running.

Cameras are just as important to the network as the NVR, requiring consideration for night vision, high definition to megapixel for digital zooming, thermal imaging, and specialty Edge technologies analyzing images with automated alerts.

EyeQ Offers A Wide Range of IP-Camera Technology For Every Price Range

  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Resolution
  • Local Archive
  • Integrated Edge Technology
  • Specialty Camera
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ)

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