Loaner Management

Loaner Management

Seamless Loaner Operations – Where Every Vehicle Counts

No More Lost Loaners

One of the main pain points for many dealerships is tracking down loaner vehicles and promptly re-inserting them into the system for future customer use.  

The EyeQ Loaner Management system solves this issue with automated vehicle identification, ensuring quick turnover and optimal usage of your loaner fleet. 

Studies suggest that efficient parts inventory management can reduce operational costs by up to 20%. Ensure you're not part of the statistic with EyeQ's real-time inventory management.

How EyeQ Loaner Management Works:

  • Automated Vehicle Identification: Seamlessly detect and log returning loaner vehicles, so they’re promptly available for the next customer in line. 
  • Fleet Tracking System: Maintain a real-time bird’s eye view of your entire loaner fleet, ensuring every vehicle is accounted for and maximizing fleet efficiency. 
  • Swift Customer Turnover: By quickly processing and allocating loaners, you significantly reduce customer wait times, ensuring a smooth dealership experience. 
  • Efficient Re-Entry into System: No more manual logs and missed entries. Our system ensures every returned loaner is instantly recorded and ready for redeployment. 
  • Data-Driven Insights: Access comprehensive analytics on loaner usage, customer preferences, and turnover rates, empowering you with actionable insights. 
  • Always On Monitoring: Continuously track the status and location of each loaner vehicle, ensuring they’re always ready and available when needed. 

Benefits of EyeQ Loaner Management:


Enhanced Fleet Efficiency

Stay on top of every vehicle in your loaner fleet, ensuring optimal usage and reducing downtimes. 


Prompt Customer Service

By rapidly processing returning loaners, you can quickly cater to incoming customer needs, amplifying their satisfaction.


Robust Analytics & Reporting

Gain a deep understanding of your loaner fleet operations, allowing for data-driven decisions and optimization.

Our entire suite of next-gen solutions provides a seamless and data rich system that allows any dealership to consistently achieve higher CSI and Loyalty scores.

Clayton Kemp, Chief Operating Officer
EyeQ Monitoring

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