Intrusion Response
Intrusion Response

Intrusion Response

Crystal Clear Live Audible Warnings that Help Deter Crime in Real Time

A Proactive Defense Against Unwanted Intruders

Featuring Live Audio Voice Down, EyeQ Intrusion Response deters trespassers by making them instantly aware that our security professionals are watching and recording their every action.

Our advanced AI-powered solutions can help reduce the cost of traditional guards by 30% while enhancing the security of property.

Surprise! We're Watching You!

The reaction from an intruder to a Live Audio Voice Down is as you’d expect: surprise and fear that someone is watching them and that police are on their way.

The Ultimate One-Two Punch Against Potential Threats 

When combined under the watchful eyes of our Security Operations Center (SOC), Live Audio Voice Down provides the ultimate one-two punch against potential threats.

Once EyeQ identifies an intruder, our operators issue an immediate audible warning to remediate the situation instantly – the best proactive defense that deters unwanted guests.

Enhance Security With Real-Time Audible Warnings


Audible Warnings Change the Game

Adding audio changes the surveillance game when you can broadcast commands and warnings to remotes sites to inform intruders that active surveillance is in progress and law enforcement has been notified. All interactions by SOC operators with intruders are recorded and archived as evidence if needed for prosecution.


Audio as a Deterrent

Live audio broadcasts can deter crime once intruders are detected on your property. Intruders will flee once they know law enforcement has been alerted and is on the way.

I really appreciate everyone at EyeQ, they support us throughout all our security needs and even escorting us to our car after hours.

Client, Senior Property Manager
Landpark Commercial

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