Key Customer Recognition

Key Customer Recognition

Harness the Power of Personalization

Transform Every Customer Touchpoint:

From First Impressions to Lifelong Loyalty

In the age of personalization, EyeQ’s Key Customer Recognition isn’t just a feature — it’s a necessity for today’s modern dealerships.  

With EyeQ’s leading-edge automation, we’re not just enhancing customer service – we’re redefining it. We empower your team to craft a seamless, tailored service experience, ensuring every guest feels truly valued. With EyeQ, every customer feels like they’re your number one priority. 

Dealerships focusing on customer experience report up to a 30% higher customer retention rate than those that don't.

How EyeQ Key Customer Recognition:

  • Unlock AI That Matters: Utilize facial recognition, AI, and cutting-edge sensor technology, designed to perfectly identify, and cater to your guests. 
  • From Detection to Delight: Our advanced system doesn’t just detect—it identifies guests in real-time to ensure they’re treated with the level of personalized service and attention they anticipate. 

Safety & Privacy - Our Top Priority

  • Commitment to Ethical Technology: Our technology doesn’t just lead the industry—it sets the standard for ethical and safe use of facial recognition and data management. 
  • Openness is Key: Transparency isn’t a buzzword; it’s a commitment. Know that your guests are well-informed about their data rights and usage, ensuring trust remains intact. 

Benefits of EyeQ Key Customer Recognition:


Efficient Operations

Minimize administrative burdens, accelerate service delivery, and manage resources with precision, always keeping guest preferences at the forefront. 


Add a Personal Touch

Customize services, offers, and greetings to reinforce a guest’s sense of value, trust, and loyalty to your dealership. 


Actionable Business Insights

Dive deep into visitor behavior and preferences. Use this goldmine of data for continuous improvement and tailored strategies.

At EyeQ, we believe every customer is unique, deserving of a service experience that's tailored just for them. Our Key Customer Recognition program doesn't just identify customers—it understands them, laying the foundation for relationships that last a lifetime.

Markus Scott, Chairman and President
EyeQ Monitoring

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