Forensic Investigations
Forensic Investigations

Forensic Investigations

Let Our Security Experts Save You Time & Resources to Prevent Future Loss

Capture Every Moment, Keep Your Assets Protected

EyeQ’s remote investigation specialists provide support for a broad range of forensic needs and initiatives – from contact tracing to eviction support.

We’ll spend the time investigating incidents so that you’ll never miss a detail. We can also help you take instant action against bad actors, or proactively put a stop to help prevent future loss.

Our advanced AI-powered solutions can help reduce the cost of traditional guards by 30% while enhancing the security of property.

Why Forensic Investigations Matter?

Ask Yourself These 3 Critical Questions

  • How much time do you lose combing through playback on your camera system to see what happened?
  • How often are critical details and events missed or not well documented because your video management system lacks ease of use?
  • What legal consequences are at stake if you’re unable to provide the proper details and documentation of an incident?

EyeQ can take this important but often time-consuming task off your hands at a fraction of the cost. Leveraging our team’s deep understanding of surveillance systems and proprietary search technology, we can pinpoint incidents on your property and ensure they are properly documented and preserved for future internal or legal purposes.



Properly Document Incidents Helps Ensure Your Protected

Proper documentation of incidents is critical for protecting yourself from future internal or legal issues. With EyeQ AI-powered monitoring, all critical details and events are captured by our system and retrieved through proprietary search technology.


Save Costly Time Spent Reviewing & Identifying Incidents

Our expertly-trained Forensic Investigations team takes this time-consuming task off your hands through their deep understanding of our advanced surveillance systems. This enables our team to work effectively and efficiently when it comes to pinpointing and documenting the exact details necessary to respond to each and every incident.

In the automotive world, efficiency drives success. By optimizing the use and tracking of loaner vehicles, we ensure that no opportunity is missed, no car is unaccounted for, and every customer interaction is punctuated with precision. More than just vehicles, EyeQ Loaner Management is about maximizing the value of every moment on your lot.

Clayton Kemp, Chief Operating Officer
EyeQ Monitoring

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