Audio Deterrence

Audio Deterrence

Catch Intruders Off-Guard and Stop Crime As It Happens

Real-Time Deterrent:

On-Site Audio Commands and Warnings

Audio Voice Down is a key feature of many remote video monitoring systems. It allows members of our Security Operations Center (SOC) team to audibly communicate or issue warnings directly to a site or individual in real-time through loudspeakers that are installed in conjunction with security cameras.

Here's why our Audio Voice Down feature is so effective:


The sudden presence of a loud human voice addressing an intruder directly can be startling and intimidating. An unexpected verbal warning can deter many potential criminals before they even commit a crime.

Immediate Response

Instead of just passively recording a potential security incident, an operator can actively intervene, making the security system more dynamic and proactive.


There can be situations where an individual might be at a site for a legitimate reason but appears suspicious. The operator can use the audio capability to ask questions or verify the person’s intent before escalating the situation.

Directional Assistance

In emergencies, the operator can give instructions to individuals, guiding them to safety or advising them on immediate steps to take.

Reduced False Alarms

Instead of dispatching security personnel or police based on video feed alone, the operator can issue a warning or communicate first, reducing the chances of false alarms or unnecessary escalations.

Evidence Gathering

Voice interactions can also provide valuable evidence in the event of legal proceedings. If a trespasser or criminal responds verbally, this can be recorded and used as evidence.


Dispatching security personnel or law enforcement can be expensive and time-consuming. Being able to address and potentially resolve situations remotely via audio can be more cost-effective.

Surprise! We're Watching You!

The reaction from an intruder to a Live Audio Voice Down is as you’d expect: surprise and fear that someone is watching them and that police are on their way.


Audio Voice Down deters crime with high success rates.


Audible Warnings Change the Game

Adding audio changes the surveillance game when you can broadcast commands and warnings to remotes sites to inform intruders that active surveillance is in progress and law enforcement has been notified.


Audio as a Deterrent

Recorded or live audio broadcasts can deter crime once intruders are detected on your property. Intruders will flee once they know law enforcement has been alerted and is on the way.


Music Stops Crime

It’s a well-known fact that simply playing music over loudspeakers at a site deters vagrants and trespassers from lingering near your property.

The results in clearing our issues were pretty striking, really fast.

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