Multi-Family Residential

Multi-Family Residential

AI-Powered Remote Video Monitoring To Protect Your Home & Property

Proactive Video Surveillance - Powered By AI

Everyone should feel safe in their own home. But for many apartment communities, the reliance on security guards actually limits their ability to proactively protect their tenants. Among the many constraints limiting the effectiveness of human security guards include:

  • Lack of adequate training and proper response techniques
  • Inability to cover and protect large perimeter areas
  • Lack of video verification to ensure immediate response from local law enforcement
  • Basic human factors, including calling in sick, being injured on the job, and having efforts more easily bypassed by would-be criminals
  • Higher costs and potential liability risks

With EyeQ Virtual Guard, property managers enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that their tenants and property assets are being monitored 24/7 by trained professionals. 

Real-Time Threat Deterrence For A Fraction of the Cost

EyeQ’s experienced SOC professionals leverage the latest military-grade AI and video analytics to detect, deter and respond to crimes in real time. And when incidents do occur, EyeQ instantly dispatches local authorities out to the scene in seconds.

Thanks to video verification, on-site perpetrators are identified and entire incidents well-documented to deter future and repeat offenses. EyeQ’s surveillance platforms can be used everywhere and at any time ― parking lots, playgrounds, laundry facilities, gated entrances – and more. 

Proactive Presence – Even After Hours

When the sun goes down, bad things start to happen – especially late at night. Loitering, loud partying, or just plain neglect for common property rules, all have a direct impact on your community’s reputation. 

While traditional security guards walk the property on pre-determined schedules, EyeQ Virtual Tours can be randomly scheduled throughout the night to give security operators total situational awareness of on-going activity.

From trespassers to suspicious activities, EyeQ Virtual Tours constantly track and monitor your most vulnerable areas, such as building entrances and gates. Our trained SOC operators give your property true “power of presence” – including direct, live audio voice down – to stop crimes before they even start.

Forensics Investigations

How often are critical details of incidents missed or are not well-documented?  

EyeQ’s forensics team has a deep understanding of surveillance systems and proprietary search technology to ensure all incidents are properly documented and preserved for future internal or legal purposes.

We also offer support for a broad range of time-saving services, from contact tracing to eviction support.

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