Cannabis Industry

Cannabis Industry

AI-Powered Video Surveillance for Cash Rich Growers & Storefronts

Enhance Security, Boost Profitability.

In the Cannabis industry, theft comes in many forms in the supply chain – from cultivation to distribution – with threats varying from stage to stage.  And the reality is, reliance on traditional security guards severely limits their ability to proactively protect their assets.

Among the many constraints limiting the effectiveness of human security guards include:

  • Lack of adequate training and proper response techniques
  • Inability to cover and protect large perimeter areas
  • Lack of video verification to ensure immediate response from local law enforcement
  • Basic human factors, including calling in sick, being injured on the job, and having efforts more easily bypassed by would-be criminals
  • Higher costs and potential liability risks

With EyeQ Virtual Guard, property managers enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that their property assets are being monitored 24/7 by trained professionals.

Proactive Threat Deterrence For A Fraction of the Cost

It’s estimated that as much as 80% to 90% of all losses are a result of internal theft. EyeQ’s always-on monitoring means all eyes are watching – everywhere – to verify incidents and proactively deter threats for a fraction of the costs.

Theft & Property Damage

Armed robberies and burglaries are often a result of unguarded, open-store retail layouts that make them easy prey for criminals. Inadequately secured containers and cash also make them a prime target.

While criminals think they’re smart, they’re not nearly as smart as our military-grade AI and video analytics. Under the watchful eyes of security experts at our Security Operations Center (SOC), ANY action that triggers a real-time alert results in an immediate dispatch call to local law enforcement who show up to potentially make an arrest.

Remote Rural Locations

Out of site, out of mind? No way. That fact that many rural sites can be difficult to secure means you need more flexible and cost-efficient options, like EyeQ’s mobile security solutions. Only EyeQ can deliver the same AI-Powered protection across your perimeter, regardless of where your project is located.

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