Virtual Patrols
Virtual Patrols

Virtual Patrols

A Cost-Effective Alternative to Traditional
On-Site Security

Maintain Total Situational Awareness & Control Across Your Property

Sometimes the activity level of a site requires more than event-based monitoring.

EyeQ’s scheduled Virtual Patrols ensure that operators are engaged throughout the night to give on-site managers the situational awareness and operational control necessary for identifying any new suspicious activity or on-going nuisance issues:




Neighbor/Noise Complaints

Active Threats



Door Openings

Trash Build Up

Exit Door Mismanagement

A Disruptive Deterrent Vs. Predictable Patrolling

When traditional security guards walk the property, parking lots, or warehouses on
pre-determined schedules, their routine becomes more predictable. EyeQ Virtual Patrols are scheduled randomly throughout the night to act as a disruptive deterrent to prevent potential incidents from happening.

In between Virtual Patrols, our cameras are still at work providing on-going video monitoring alerts for unmatched round-the-clock security.

Compared to traditional on-site security guards, EyeQ Virtual Guards deliver a 10x+ increase in response time.

A Better Response to Sudden Changes in Environments

Under the watchful eyes of our remote Security Operations Center (SOC) professionals, our military-grade AI cameras continuously monitor your property using advanced we actively review every camera location, plus leverage advanced, military-grade AI technologies – like night vision and thermal imaging – to see what humans might not detect.

Once suspicious activities are detected and identified, our experts respond instantly to deter threats in real time and use video verification to dispatch local authorities to the scene immediately to potentially make an arrest.

Operational Audits

Improve Operational Performance & Customer Satisfaction

Ensuring staff and vendors are performing up to standards is a critical part of achieving operational excellence.

EyeQ goes beyond traditional solutions by providing a customized operational audit of your property. This comprehensive assessment is conducted during the EyeQ onboarding process – and is designed to give your on-site manager the essential insights necessary to better understanding your site’s activity and environment throughout the night.

These comprehensive audits play a critical part to achieving operational excellence, plus serve as the backbone to driving vital improvements in security, risk management and overall customer satisfaction.

Why Are Virtual Patrols So Effective?


Cost Savings

With Virtual Patrols, companies get more tours throughout the night and better response times to events than they would with physical security guards, as well as an immediate cost savings that leads to quick ROI.


On Time and Complete

Security cannot be left to chance; it must be thorough and comprehensive in order to be effective. EyeQ runs a tight timetable with scheduled Virtual Patrols, detailed incident reports and thorough investigations.


Higher Quality Service

The caliber of overnight security guards can be inconsistent, with high turnover and training costs adding up quickly. EyeQ provides of level of consistency you can count on.

I really appreciate everyone at EyeQ, they support us throughout all our security needs and even escorting us to our car after hours.

Client, Senior Property Manager
Landpark Commercial

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