EyeQ Monitoring’s New Year’s Security Tips for Business

security tips for 2021

You’re busy wrapping up the holidays and looking forward to the year ahead. Lists of new year’s resolutions for you and your business sit on your desk. Worthwhile commitments to delegate more, look for new networking opportunities, and implement creative marketing plans top this list, but have you thought about your business’s security? Don’t let…

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Importance of Video Surveillance for the New Year

video security importance for the new year

The key to the security of almost every business is a robust video surveillance system. The most effective security systems not only use the latest surveillance technology; they also employ live video monitoring to ensure rapid response times to incidents. Benefits of video monitoring include deterring crime before it happens, increasing the overall safety of…

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EyeQ Monitoring ranks 39 on SDM 100 listing

SDM Program logo

EyeQ Monitoring is excited to once again earn a ranking on the SDM 100, improving 21 places from last year to No. 39. Each year, Security Dealer Magazine marks the security industry’s growth by measuring consumer dollars gained by security companies. The top 100 providers in the nation are then revealed in the SDM 100,…

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Thermal Cameras for Faster, Safer COVID-19 Temperature Monitoring

Thermal Imaging

One solution for keeping people safe during the COVID-19 pandemic has been to check employees’ temperatures as they enter a facility. Elevated temperature can be an indicator of COVID-19. The main advantage to a thermal camera system is that the person who monitors the thermal system is not required to be close to the person…

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The Holidays & Offsite Video Security Monitoring

Security Camera

  The holidays provide many people an opportunity to travel and spend extra time with family and friends. Unfortunately, the holidays also provide thieves with extra opportunities. Places that are ordinarily occupied are now empty, and criminals know it. With 24/7 offsite security camera monitoring, EyeQ Monitoring becomes your eyes and ears when you are…

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Offsite monitoring prevents catalytic converter theft

offsite-catalytic converter

  The catalytic converters in automobile exhaust systems are popular targets for criminals. They contain platinum, which is a very expensive rare metal that can be sold for a lot of money. Because catalytic converters are under vehicles, skilled criminals can remove them in one or two minutes. Give a thief an entire night at…

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