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Raise Your Security Intelligence with EyeQ

With the explosive growth of leading-edge technology, many modern businesses are turning to EyeQ to deliver more effective, cost-efficient solutions for monitoring and protecting their people, property, assets and customers.

Through human automation and advanced AI-powered technologies, EyeQ offers a comprehensive selection of customizable services and solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers – all for a fraction of the cost of more traditional solutions.

Discover the EyeQ Smart Advantage

What separates EyeQ from other security providers is our state-of-the-art, national Security Operations Center (SOC).  Based right here in the U.S., our highly-trained professionals utilize the unique combination of military-grade AI and video analytics to detect and deter crime in real time – and often prevent crimes before they even start.

Instant Response From Local Law Enforcement

One of the major advantages EyeQ offers is through its on-going relationship with local law enforcement. By providing instant video verification of real-time threats and incidents, local authorities have what they need to respond immediately and arrive at the scene in seconds to make an arrest.

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