Preventing Car Break-Ins for Apartment Complex Lots

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Preventing Car Break-Ins for Apartment Complex Lots

Maintaining a secure environment in an apartment complex is a round-the-clock job. One of the most vulnerable areas in a large rental property is the parking lot or garage, where large numbers of vehicles remain parked and unoccupied all night long.

Thieves often see a lot full of unattended cars as an opportunity to steal electronics, cash, and any other valuables that may have been left behind. They may even try to steal the entire car.

As outdoor temperatures rise; the number of car break-ins rise as well. Police in Mobile, AL confirm that the volume of car burglaries and vandalism have increased as the weather has grown warmer.

The Cost of Crime at Your Complex

There is the cost of damage to the vehicle. That burden usually falls on the resident’s insurance company, or on the car owner if there is no insurance. But there is other damage that’s hard to measure.

When residents feel uneasy and unsafe at home, they may start to think about moving out. They may also tell their friends and family members about how dissatisfied they are with the security of the building and surrounding area. Thanks to social media, bad news now seems to travel faster than ever.

How To Prevent Car Break-Ins

Your residents are a valuable resource when it comes to preventing crime. Here are a few ways you can invite your tenants to participate in maintaining a safe and secure environment:

Lock the doors. It sounds so simple, but many of us often forget to lock the doors. Thieves tend to like easy targets, and a lock is an obstacle to an easy break-in.

Don’t leave valuables in your car. Criminals probably have a good idea of what parking lots or cars are more likely to have valuable items worth stealing. If you must leave items in your car, make sure they’re not in plain sight.

Get to know each other. If residents can recognize each other, they’re more likely to be aware of the presence of strangers. They may also develop more concern for the safety of their neighbors and take action when something is wrong.

Don’t leave any key under a doormat. Or inside the wheel well, or in the potted plant in the lobby. It’s hard to believe that people still do this type of thing, but replacing lost keys or buying extras costs money. Unfortunately, if a thief finds that key, the cost of burglary or damage is far more expensive.

Protect your car with a security system. Also keep the warning stickers on your windows or dash. This lets criminals know before they even get started that there are obstacles to breaking into your car.

Residents can greatly contribute to the safety of the rental environment. Ultimately, however, the rental management must take effective, proactive steps to maintain security.

Live security guards provide one option for apartment security. On-site guards can get to know residents and serve as a visual deterrent to crime. Security guards can also alert police as soon as they notice a serious problem.

There are some drawbacks, however. Hiring guards can be very expensive, and it’s not always possible to know how well the guards have been trained. This is partly because there is no national standard for security guard training.

In addition, if there’s a confrontation, an on-site guard could get injured. This can be both upsetting to everyone, and costly for you since your insurance rates may go up.

Surveillance cameras are a great visual deterrent, and they cost a fraction of a live security team. Unfortunately, a camera is powerless to stop a crime. It can only record the events and possibly assist police in their investigation.

What is the Best Alternative to Traditional Security?

NVMC Solutions combines the best of camera systems and on-site guards. We install state-of-the-art surveillance cameras on your property, and our highly trained agents keep watch ensure your lot or garage is safe. If there’s an intruder, our agents can act immediately to resolve the issue.

Benefits of our live video monitoring include:

  • Cost-effectiveness. Our system is 75% cheaper than on-site guards.
  • Round-the-clock security. We provide 24/7 monitoring so we’re always on the job.
  • Quick action. Response times are 10% faster than our competition.
  • Insurance savings. Maintain low premiums because you have a monitored security system.

Our Mission

As one of the largest and oldest companies specializing in live monitoring, we are passionate about providing security solutions for the businesses that need us. With clients in 30 states, we have expertise in diverse areas with regard to weather, terrain and local economy. No matter the circumstance, we are committed to providing excellent, effective service to our customers.

We want to help you achieve your commercial apartment security goals. Contact us to find out how we can help keep your parking lot and garage safe and secure.

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