Importance of Video Surveillance for the New Year

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Importance of Video Surveillance for the New Year

The key to the security of almost every business is a robust video surveillance system. The most effective security systems not only use the latest surveillance technology; they also employ live video monitoring to ensure rapid response times to incidents. Benefits of video monitoring include deterring crime before it happens, increasing the overall safety of your property, and putting customers at ease.

Matching your business’s security requirements to the right surveillance equipment and services is vital. EyeQ Monitoring can assess your needs and find the best video surveillance solution for your business.

Key Reasons Video Surveillance is Important

  • Stop Crime Before It Happens: Sometimes just having video cameras will deter criminals from vandalizing, stealing from or trespassing on your business.
  • Help Law Enforcement: One of the most important tools in a criminal investigation is video camera footage. Having quality HD cameras offer law enforcement officers some of the best evidence of a crime taking place and provides help in identifying the perpetrator.
  • Prevent Fraud: Avoid costly legal fees and protect from false claims of harassment, accident or injury with video surveillance. Unfortunately, criminals will stoop to faking an accident or incident on your business property and sue you for damages. Eye witnesses can be fallible, but video cameras are not.
  • Peace of Mind: Have peace of mind 24/7 knowing your business is monitored. Peace of mind for your customers also means they are more likely to do business—and return for future

What Sets EyeQ Monitoring Apart

At EyeQ Monitoring, we don’t want to help only after a crime has occurred. We want to stop it from taking place. We offer video surveillance solutions for your business that respond 10x faster than our competitors. Check out our video here to see how we were able to stop a thief in his tracks. Our live video monitoring utilizes HD cameras, offers remote access to view at any time, and employs 24/7 real-time, US-based monitoring. Contact EyeQ Monitoring today for your free quote and see how we can help protect your business this year.

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