What Is a Jobsite Security Camera? Why Every Business Needs One

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What Is a Jobsite Security Camera? Why Every Business Needs One

Jobsite security cameras, sometimes called construction site security cameras, are surveillance cameras most commonly associated with the building industry. They capture video footage of the site that can be monitored and reviewed, either after it’s recorded or in real time, on-site or from a remote location. Despite their strong association with the building sector, these cameras can be a vital part of the security strategy of any business, in any sector. Read on to discover why your business needs jobsite security cameras.

Jobsite Security Cameras Put You in Charge of Your Security

Many expanding businesses feel jobsite security is the responsibility of the construction company they’ve commissioned. Construction companies often feel if anything goes wrong, their insurance company will take care of it. While credible construction companies have insurance to cover theft and damages, these incidences could delay your project’s completion, costing more money in the long-run.

With theft and vandalism from construction sites costing more than $1 billion each year and 92 percent of construction sites regularly impacted by theft, you may also wonder if the building company you’re using really takes security seriously. If you’re getting new premises or expanding or improving your existing buildings, taking security into your own hands makes sense.

If you’re a construction company, taking greater control of your own security is also important. Construction sites are targets for thieves because they contain many attractive items. Building materials like electrical wires and metal pipes are abundant, easily stolen, valuable, and difficult to trace. Heavy equipment is easily stolen, as it can often be started with keys from similar vehicles, and easily offloaded, as it can be sold without registration or a title. All these goods are also typically left unprotected on jobsites. Because jobsites are so attractive to thieves, construction companies should do everything they can to protect themselves.

When it comes to crime, prevention is always better than punishment. The mere presence of a jobsite security camera can scare away criminals and convince them to move on to a more vulnerable target. A high-tech jobsite security camera monitored remotely with talk-down systems can scare away criminals before crimes are committed. Mobile video monitoring is also a very popular alternative to fixed systems.

If thieves and vandals persist, security agents monitoring your footage can alert authorities who will respond quickly and ideally apprehend the criminals before they escape. If they make a quick getaway, just check the video footage for images of the offenders and their getaway vehicles. Modern footage is so clear you can even see the license plates. Your video can help the police trace the offenders and serve as evidence to secure a conviction.

When commissioning business expansions, it can be difficult to know who to trust. A jobsite security camera can monitor a building site during the day, so businesses can see whether their contractors are working efficiently and meeting milestones. Constant construction site video monitoring during the process increases the chances the project will be completed when expected.

A Jobsite Security Camera Can Monitor Your Business When You Can’t

Think of a jobsite security camera as an extra set of eyes and ears for your business. No matter what your industry, your construction jobsite security camera can monitor your business when you can’t.

Humans have limited monitoring capabilities. You can only see and hear activity in your immediate vicinity. If your business is large, like a multi-story apartment complex, key events could occur that you’ll never see. One or more strategically placed jobsite security cameras can expand your vision. New wireless battery- and solar-powered mobile video patrol units don’t even require a power supply, so you can position them anywhere you need them. Many also have motion-sensor technology, so they can detect threats before most humans can.

You might quit work at the end of the day, but your jobsite security camera is never off duty. The camera continues working after hours, when your site is especially vulnerable to theft and vandalism. Employing a jobsite security camera can give you peace of mind if you leave stock or equipment vulnerable outdoors, as auto dealerships and construction companies often do. It can also provide extra security if your business is unattended for long periods of time, as schools are between terms.

A Jobsite Security Camera Can Monitor Your Employees

Criminals aren’t the only ones who’ll find themselves on your jobsite security camera footage. A jobsite security camera can also be an excellent way to monitor your own employees.

While you’ll do this to some degree during the day, there are often things employers miss. A jobsite security camera sees all, recording what’s happening during your workday, typically in high-definition detail.

A jobsite security camera is a great way to spot dishonest employee practices, like sweethearting. This practice, which costs the retail industry more than $14 billion every year, sees employees deliberately not scanning items or scanning prices at an unauthorized discounted rate for themselves, their friends, and their family members. This kind of behavior is difficult to detect in a busy retail store but is obvious on a jobsite security camera. With this behavior on tape, you’ll have all the evidence you need to fire a dishonest employee.

Jobsite security cameras can also help you identify lazy employees. You’d probably think little of a factory worker taking a cigarette break or chatting to a colleague when you survey the site. However, reviewing jobsite security camera footage can help you see the big picture and determine just how frequent those lapses in productivity are. You can then present the video evidence to your employee during a disciplinary counseling session. Often when employees know they’re being monitored, they will be more productive during work hours.

Jobsite security cameras can also alert you to unsafe work practices that can put your employees at risk. This is a key concern for business sites that can be dangerous, such as industrial facilities, construction sites, and critical infrastructure sites. Whether your employees are taking unsafe shortcuts when your back is turned or are simply unaware of the correct safety procedures, your security camera can alert you to safety risks.

When you spot dangerous behavior on the footage, you can counsel your employees on the risks and preferred techniques and offer additional training if required. Often this course of action will be enough to change your employee’s behavior. Instilling better habits doesn’t just reduce the risk of injury and fatalities; it can also help your business avoid an expensive worker’s compensation claim.

A Jobsite Security Camera Can Be a Good Record-Keeping Tool

When many people think of using jobsite security footage for evidence, they imagine presenting a video in court when prosecuting a thief or vandal. However, a jobsite security camera’s footage can also be used simply as a record-keeping tool. All too often, conflicts in business come down to a case of “he said, she said.” The footage jobsite security cameras capture, which is often available in high-definition today, can be a useful tool for resolving conflict with employees, suppliers, and customers or clients.

For example, imagine a construction company was billed for six brick deliveries. The site manager believes only five deliveries were received. The tape could be reviewed by both parties, who can then feel confident of the correct number of deliveries. Having such a simple method of conflict resolution on hand can be valuable for maintaining good professional relationships.

Theft and vandalism cases aren’t the only times your surveillance footage can be useful in legal battles. We’ve all read stories of shoppers claiming retailers were negligent or construction workers claiming their sites were unsafe. Clear video surveillance footage can provide the evidence to protect your business from bogus claims. In some cases, simply presenting your footage can be enough to encourage an accuser to drop their case, thereby saving you valuable legal fees.

A Jobsite Security Camera Is a Budget-Friendly Business Addition

Modern jobsite security cameras are more affordable than you might imagine. Even a jobsite security camera with remote monitoring is more affordable than hiring on-the-ground security guards. This is the most expensive jobsite security camera option, as the remote surveillance incurs an ongoing cost. However, it still costs up to 80 percent less than hiring traditional security guards. The price gap between remote-monitored jobsite security cameras and armed security guards is typically even greater.

Of course, a jobsite security camera requires an initial investment. If it’s remotely monitored, you will have ongoing costs to consider. However, most businesses find these costs are quickly recovered by reducing theft and damage and increasing productivity and site safety. Construction companies that use jobsite security cameras are often eligible for discounts on their insurance premiums. If you have a construction business, you may also find that a camera pays for itself because you don’t need to make as many claims that inflate your premiums.

You don’t need to work in the construction sector or even have a jobsite to benefit from jobsite security cameras. With a host of benefits, these surveillance tools are valuable for every kind of business.

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