EyeQ Acquires MDL autoMation

EyeQ Monitoring, a leading provider in video security solutions, announced today the completion of its acquisition of MDL autoMation. MDL autoMation uses IoT and SaaS-based technologies for process improvement, automated customer recognition, vehicle tracking and monitoring, inventory management, and personalized customer service and sales. The acquisition offers auto dealers a comprehensive new choice for integrated…

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Thermal Cameras for Faster, Safer COVID-19 Temperature Monitoring

Thermal Imaging

One solution for keeping people safe during the COVID-19 pandemic has been to check employees’ temperatures as they enter a facility. Elevated temperature can be an indicator of COVID-19. The main advantage to a thermal camera system is that the person who monitors the thermal system is not required to be close to the person…

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The Holidays & Offsite Video Security Monitoring

Security Camera

  The holidays provide many people an opportunity to travel and spend extra time with family and friends. Unfortunately, the holidays also provide thieves with extra opportunities. Places that are ordinarily occupied are now empty, and criminals know it. With 24/7 offsite security camera monitoring, EyeQ Monitoring becomes your eyes and ears when you are…

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