Automotive Eyes & Ears 

Unparalleled Experience

Operating in over 300 dealerships across the US, EyeQ Monitoring is the automotive industry’s most trusted company for video monitoring and vehicle tracking. Our team of video surveillance and installation professionals has been serving automotive dealerships for over 13 years. We work closely with our clients to provide solutions that meet their unique business needs for both service and sales departments.

EyeQ specializes in nationwide deployment of the latest surveillance technology to keep your facilities and assets safe.

Our solution sitepulse proactively identifies and resolves surveillance system health issues so you are always protected.

Reduce time spent browsing video using our team of trained forensic investigation agents.

Our US-based remote video monitoring is a cost-effective alternative to onsite security and idle cameras.

We offer a suite of tech-powered tools that connect you with your customers, employees, and inventory data in real time while boosting your bottom line.