The Holidays & Offsite Video Security Monitoring

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The holidays provide many people an opportunity to travel and spend extra time with family and friends. Unfortunately, the holidays also provide thieves with extra opportunities. Places that are ordinarily occupied are now empty, and criminals know it.

With 24/7 offsite security camera monitoring, EyeQ Monitoring becomes your eyes and ears when you are not there. From schools to apartment complexes, car lots to construction sites and more, you can rely on EyeQ Monitoring to provide state-of-the-art technology and highly trained personnel dedicated to keeping your property and belongings safe.

Consider these scenarios:

  1. Some small businesses close around the holidays so employees can spend time with their families. A small jewelry store, car lot or office is unattended for several days a time.
  2. Most schools are closed for two weeks or more during the holidays. That leaves a lot of computers, tablets, televisions and other technology and equipment sitting around for thieves.
  3. Apartment complexes are less occupied as people spend the holidays with friends and family. That’s a lot of homes in close proximity to one another, sitting unoccupied, often with nothing between the outside world and your belongings except a door and a lock.
  4. A construction site shuts down for a few days while workers spend the holidays with their families. Fences and gates only go so far when it comes to stopping criminals from getting to your expensive tools.

Even when you’re not there, you want eyes on your property and belongings. There are many advantages to having offsite video security monitoring from EyeQ, including:

  • Monitoring services are 75% cheaper than one on-site guard.
  • The cameras themselves often scare off would-be intruders.
  • We provide 24/7 real-time site monitoring.
  • We are American-based, which means we give you 10x faster response time than most competitors.
  • We provide de-escalation services, meaning we can immediately communicate in real time to let trespassers know law enforcement is on the way. Often, this is enough to scare them off.

When you are away from work, spending time with family for the holidays, you shouldn’t have to worry about your store, school or construction site. Contact EyeQ Monitoring today for a free quote on offsite video security monitoring so you can have peace of mind this holiday season.