EyeQ deploys a variety of high-end cameras to meet surveillance, forensic, and process management requirements within any given environment. Our cameras have the ability to capture the most critical— and the most easily overlooked— image elements in the most challenging of lighting conditions. Whether it’s a name tag, a license plate, or a scratch on a car’s bumper, our solutions won’t miss a detail.

Our Partners

We are certified partners with the industry-leading camera manufacturers whose technology is relied upon in the largest and most critical deployments around the world.


Our surveillance cameras’ resolutions range from 1080p to 4K and are capable of full 360º coverage. Their wide dynamic range provides excellent visual detail in any lighting condition— daylight, total darkness, or both in the same view.



Thermal cameras can drastically reduce false alerts and can operate in just about any lighting condition. Their visuals cut through unnecessary noise such as wind, lighting changes, and precipitation, so that your security application is focused on the events that matter.



Our PTZ network cameras can be controlled remotely, a flexible and cost-effective solution for both overview and detailed coverage. They are also crucial for tracking persons-of-interest across your property.


License Plate Recognition

EyeQ’s License Plate Recognition (LPR) camera solutions identify vehicles in and around your property, keeping your business safe, and connecting you to your guests.