Audio Devices 

For business surveillance, sound can be as critical of a component as any well-placed camera. EyeQ’s audio devices can be the “ears” of your security measures to catch incidents and protect your business. Paired with our analytics-driven solutions, EyeQ’s audio capabilities can detect gunshots and aggressive behavior as soon as they are happening, and alert authorities within seconds. Our cameras also offer two-way capability to “talk down” to intruders or persons-of-interest and stop crime before it happens, an additional layer of protection by our live monitoring team.

two way talk
Two-way Audio

Live talk-down to avert threats. Monitoring agents warn intruders off property.

gunshot glass break
Gunshot/ Glassbreak Detection

Artificial intelligence recognizes patterns in audio frequency and decibel levels. Streamlined communication to law enforcement.

audio devices aggression detection
Aggresion Detection

Picks up on keywords in human speech. Automated alarming to designated authorities.