Analytics-Driven Monitoring

AI-Powered Solutions for

Security Management

Why Analytics-Driven Monitoring? 

Advanced Threat Detection Algorithms

Live Talk-Down Interventions

Facial Recognition Capabilities

Real-Time Tracking and Alarming

Onsite security guards and traditional surveillance systems require immense resources to effectively stop crime and mitigate risk. What if your security system could intelligently and precisely identify issues on your property 24x7, without the need for constant human involvement?

EyeQ’s analytics-driven monitoring utilizes artificial intelligence to identify and create alerts on selected behaviors. Our machine-learning technology continues to improve after deployment, avoiding false positives that diminish the value of other systems. We can even respond to issues in real time with a live talk-down intervention and escalate to authorities in seconds. Our services have saved our customers over $40 million in losses in the last 7 years and have helped them to identify numerous other risks that inhibit performance. Our analytics can be customized to identify risk points from a myriad of behaviors including:



Glass Breaks


Crowd Gathering



Zone Violations

See some of our specific end-market solutions below

Intrusion Intervention

Stop outdoor property intrusion cost-effectively. EyeQ serves as the after-hours eyes and ears to stop intrusion for auto dealerships, multifamily, retail environments, schools, critical infrastructure, and several other end markets.

Pool Liability Defense

Although pools are attractive amenities for multifamily complexes, they are also key risk areas where eyes and ears are needed 24x7. In the last 10 years alone, pool liability has cost the industry billions. Whether it is after-hours vandalism or safety liability, property owners and at-risk tenants can’t afford to ignore providing more effective safety measures beyond a gate around pool areas. EyeQ can serve as your cost-effective eyes and ears.

Illegal Dumping

How much is illegal dumping costing your community or property? With a significant ROI, EyeQ can serve as your eyes and ears to reduce illegal dumping and prosecute offenders.

School Visitor Management

Where do visitors go when entering your school? Visitors are a key threat to student safety and one of the leading causes of student abuse. Our systems not only provide real-time tracking and recording of visitor movements, but they also alert you when visitors enter restricted areas such as bathrooms or non-approved rooms. EyeQ can design eyes and ears that empower your administrators to be in more places at once.

School Gun and Aggression Detection

In addition to the threat of live shooters in school environments, EyeQ has designed solutions to help administrators deal with the daily issues of student safety such as fighting. Our team sends instant alerts on aggression events so that administrators can stretch their eyes and ears to more places.