Multifamily Security

Proactive Protection 24/7

EyeQ maintains and monitors over 10,000 security devices across apartment buildings, townhouses, and condominium complexes nationwide. Our surveillance and monitoring services have been relied upon to deter hundreds of crimes, but we are more than just a cost-effective alternative to onsite security. We help keep tenants and employees safe, resolve disputes, and can provide critical burden-of-proof documentation in eviction cases, so that bad tenants don't get away with bad behavior or lease violations. Our artificial intelligence-powered solutions are optimized for protecting against the unique liabilities of multifamily operations with incident response times 10x faster than our competition.

EyeQ specializes in nationwide deployment of the latest surveillance technology to keep your multifamily complex and tenants safe.

Our solution sitepulse proactively identifies and resolves surveillance system health issues so you are always protected.

Reduce time spent browsing video using our team of trained forensic investigation agents.

Our US-based remote video monitoring is a cost-effective alternative to onsite security and idle cameras.

Our tech-powered business intelligence suite keeps multifamily complexes safe and optimizes worker productivity.