Detectors and Sensors  

EyeQ’s IoT and security technology can do more than provide visuals of your property. We install and manage an array of devices to deliver actionable information and keep businesses safe. Most mission-critically, our sensors detect intruders, alarming on a complementary set of sensory inputs that support and enrich visual data from cameras. Our detectors also provide a layer of insight into processes around your property using people counting, heat maps, and more.

Radar Detectors

Radar detectors add a reliable, cost-effective layer of intrusion detection on top of video surveillance. They help avoid false alarms and operate in any lighting and temperature conditions. Covering large areas with a single device, they can automate security events across your surveillance infrastructure such as autotracking of PTZ cameras, camera recording, floodlight activation, and more.

axis radar detector

Motion Sensors and Panels

EyeQ deploys multiple methods of motion detection to best fit each environment’s security needs. This includes passive infrared (PIR) sensors that pick up heat signatures, thermal cameras that avoid false alarms from shadows and other changes in lighting, and video motion detection from cameras connected to analytics.

EyeQ motion sensors

People Counters

Tracking foot traffic around your property can help inform decision-making in areas such as staffing, inventory placement, and store hours. We can provide reports that detail visitor trends, or set custom alerts that empower you to respond to visitor behavior in real time.

Eyeq people counter

Encoders/ Decoders

Encoders and decoders ensure that no matter your surveillance setup, whether analog or digital, your equipment is compatible with each other. Encoders convert analog signals to digital, enabling analog camera compatibility with the VMS of your choice. Decoders do the opposite, enabling compatibility of digital signals to analog monitors or receivers.

EYEq radar encoder

HALO IoT Smart Sensors

HALO™ IoT sensors are arguably the most versatile security devices, capable of detecting and alarming on a wide range of sensory inputs, including audio analytics, air quality, chemical, and environmental. From key word alerting and gunshot detection to vape, ammonia, and humidity detection, these discreet devices provide valuable intelligence where– and when– traditional surveillance cannot.

EYEq radar encoder - transparent background